Over the last two decades, Ductile Iron Pipe has gained popularity in southern Africa and is rapidly growing as the material of choice for bulk water supply lines. Ductile Iron Pipe is manufactured from ductile iron also known as SG iron (spheriodated graphite iron), which is an enhanced form of cast iron. These pipes are manufactured using a centrifugal casting process, resulting in a more even distribution of material. A cement mortar internal lining is also used to increase flow coefficients.

Our high-quality pipes are coated with metallic zinc and black bitumen to increase the lifespan of the pipes. For more than 40 years now Ductile Iron Pipe has been the preferred pipe globally due to its proven strength, durability and reliability for transporting raw and potable waters, sewage, slurries and process chemicals.

Ductile Iron Pipes are manufactured in 6-meter lengths and in nominal bores of 80mm up to 2600mm. Standard pressure classes allow for working pressures of 20 bars and up. The inside diameters are larger than other pipe materials of the same nominal diameter. This, combined with its high flow coefficient, offers substantial savings on pumping and power costs.

Ductile Iron Pipes are perfect for even the most demanding operation conditions and can be installed in a variety of challenging conditions, which include water hammer; deep trenches; areas of high water table and heavy traffic; river crossing; above ground applications; rocky trenches and areas of shifting, expansive and unstable soils.

Installation is simple and virtually maintenance free.