Our Ductile Iron Pipes are manufactured by centrifugal method in accordance to ISO2531 or BS EN545 standards, with an internal cement mortar lining and external metallic zinc and bitumen coating. Read more about our the manufacturing processes below.

Metal Preparation
  • The process begins with the raw material, i.e. steel and iron ore, being melted in an electric furnace or by the reduction of iron ore in a blast furnace.
  • Molten metal is first desulphered then further heated and processed in an induction
  • Magnesium is introduced to the molten metal to convert the graphite flakes to
    a spheroidal form to produce Ductile Cast Iron.
Pipe Spinning
  • The metal is transferred, after the Magnesium treatment, to the centrifugal spun casting machines to produce the pipe. This is achieved by a layer of molten metal being deposited into a rapidly rotating cylindrical mould.
  • Continuous cooling of the mould solidifies the metal into a perfectly spun pipe.
  • The pipes are then heat treated to achieve their required structure and mechanical
Finishing and Coatings
  • After heat treatment, pipes are zinc coated externally. Each pipe is then hydrostatically tested.
  • Cement mortar lining is centrifugally applied to the pipe internally and cured under controlled humidity and temperature conditions.
  • Pipes are finished with an external bitumen coating before being placed into stock or dispatched.


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